Reason Behind Brock Lesnar’s UFC 200 Comeback

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The mere sight of an athlete of Brock Lesnar’s tormenting figure across the corner sows the seeds of self-doubt in the mind of an opponent. He comes in with a natural size advantage, coupled with the skills to match the brute strength that carries around his sinewy, rock-hard frame. He is a champion wrestler and mixed martial artist in the heavyweight division, and a professional football player. The moment he throws his two hundred and eighty-pound body against an opponent pinned on the ground, the match is practically over.

All that size and weight came crumbling down in a heap back in 2011 against an unlikely opponent. No amount of skill or famed heavyweight title was enough to defend himself against an invisible enemy. Diverticulitis had eaten up his intestines for at least a year after a formal diagnosis had been made, and all the might he possessed gradually seeped away as if choked out. Read about Lesnar’s retirement from the UFC as reported by ESPN.

Brock Lesnar’s intestinal ailment not just nearly ended his whole career, but his life. It was similar to a phantom punch that comes at the very moment you least expect it.

Five years since the hulky Lesnar fought, he made an announcement that he will be returning to fight in a one-off instance in the UFC. He’s reported to be matched up against Mark Hunt in the UFC 200 on July 9th.

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The former champion from Webster, South Dakota was a PPV star prior to his initial retirement but declared that his comeback fight is not going to be for his fans. If there is one thing that can lift back the former UFC heavyweight champion close to the way it once was, it is himself. Brock Lesnar said, “This is all about me. I’m sorry. And why should it be about anybody else?” It shouldn’t be done any other way. “This is all about me. I’m sorry. And why should it be about anybody else?” He said.

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Fight fans are excited but question Brock Lesnar’s capability to fight at such a high level after five years of absence. The event will take place at the Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena against Mark Hunt, but it seems that Brock Lesnar is really back to fight another invisible opponent: the ghost of his past.

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