Ronda Rousey the alcoholic: UFC star appears on Drunk History to bite off someone’s ear

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Ronda Rousey
Ronda Rousey

Prior to her meteoric rise in the UFC, Ronda Rousey made a living with her brawling skills by tending to a bar. In a recent episode of Drunk History, though, fans got to see Rowdy going back (way back) to her roots taking her acting chops to the show.

Starring alongside knitting buddy Kat Dennings, the two reenacted a scene depicted from early 19th century New York, with Rousey taking the role of Gallus Mag- a popular female bouncer who has been helping protect The Hole in The Wall bar using every means possible.

Like biting off Kat Dennings’ ear. Or more like biting off the ear of the character she was playing.

In the show, Dennings plays Sadie the goat who was notoriously known for headbutting bar patrons out cold to steal and make away with their money. When she went to the Hole in The Wall though, she made the mistake of butting heads with Gallus Mag, and ended prompting Rousey to bring out the Mike Tyson in her to bite off Dennings’ ear. Obviously, the ear was prosthetic.

Thankfully, Ronda Rousey was more than willing to let out the alcoholic in her and be part of the show, as Drunk History creator Derek Waters shared.

“When I first heard about this story and someone biting an ear off, I just thought, ‘Who would be the coolest person we could get to do that?’” Waters told MMA Junkie. “Luckily, Ronda was a fan of the show, and so she immediately said yes, which made us so, so happy.”

Just as a bit of a background, Drunk History is a show on Comedy Central that’s already in its fourth season. Each week, the show invites some drunk historians to share “unique stories from the past.” Actors are then hired to play out the seemingly inebriated parts.

Which Ronda Rousey did convincingly well.

Hopefully, she will be able to play the part of a former champion retuning to glory when she faces Amanda Nunes to (try and) reclaim her belt at UFC 207.

Photo Courtesy: Pedro Gaytan/ Flickr

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