Ronda Rousey back in UFC contention; makes a statement by munching apples

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Ronda Rousey has claimed her Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) contention after showcasing her recovery progress by munching on apples. The former UFC bantamweight women’s champion suffered a knockout loss to Holly Holm last November and has been out of action since then.

This might seem a strange act from the 29-year-old, however, she labeled it after her brutal defeat against Holm in Australia last year.

“It might be three to six months before I can eat an apple, let alone take an impact.” Rousey stated, as reported by FOX Sports.

Hence, Ronda Rousey coming out in public and releasing a video of her on Uninterrupted munching on apples can be considered as a statement.

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“No Problem, I’m biting apples again, I’m pretty excited about this.” Rousey said in the video.

It was believed that the knockout blow which the 29-year-old received might have been enough for a broken jaw. However, UFC president Dana White later denied the speculations and suggested that Ronda Rousey was recovering from a damaged lip.

This can be considered good news for Rousey fans since she has recovered well ahead of schedule, within just four months. However, despite her showing signs of getting back to full recovery, the fighter from Venice, California won’t return to The Octagon yet since she has a handful of movies on her platter.

October or November this year could be considered as a realistic time frame for her return. Based on the rumors, she will take on Miesha Tate for the title upon her return and will also have a rematch with Holm at some point.

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