Ronda Rousey retirement in the cards after embarrassing loss to Amanda Nunes in UFC 207

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Ronda Rousey does not want any media covering when she hit the scale in weigh-in
With the weigh-in set Thursday, many expect former champion Ronda Rousey to show up but certainly will never entertain questions.

Ronda Rousey’s comeback fight did not net her a title but back to depression after she lost in a one-sided bout against Amanda Nunes. The latter is the defending bantamweight champion and she defended that belt with a 48-second demolition job at UFC 207.

Rousey announced that “she’s back” but there was only one fighter inside the Octagon Saturday night.

Nunes was confident before the fight that she could dominate Rousey, the more popular and hyped fighter.

Rousey’s loss to lead to retirement

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“This is amazing. Before I walk out, we talked because this moment is my moment. She had her time. She did a lot for this sport. Thank you Ronda Rousey… I’m the champion, the Lion!” Nunes stated post-fight.

“I love that because I can show this up. I stop it like that. When I asked for this fight I know everything. I prepare in my mind, my spirit and body for this moment,” Nunes added.

“I know Ronda Rousey is bigger. I know they love Ronda Rousey. But no one is taking this belt from me.”

There are now rumors that this could be the last fight for Rousey, who battled with depression and self-confidence after her loss to Holly Holm in UFC 193 in November last year.

Rousey was so depressed she stopped talking to media and fans for more than a fight before this comeback fight. According to other reports, she even thought of committing suicide because of the depression of her loss to Holm.

MMA retirement looming for depressed Ronda Rousey

With Rousey’s demeanor after the fight and what she showed against Nunes, it appears Rousey’s MMA career is over. She showed no fight in her as Nunes pounded her with powerful right hands for the entire match that lasted less than a minute.

Before the Rousey vs. Nunes fight, many believe that a Rousey win would bring her back to the top of MMA. And even be more likeable that Conor McGregor, the current face of in men’s MMA.

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But the Rousey win did not happen and Nunes earns popularity points for bringing down Rousey in a dominant fashion. Rousey is likely retiring now with Nunes carrying the women’s MMA flag in the next few years.

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