Ronda Rousey shuns media, seeks strength in family to overcome defeat, Amanda Nunes in UFC 207

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Ronda Rousey on Conan O’Brien to discuss UFC 207 vs Amanda Nunes. Still angry Joe Rogan, MMA news

The intensity we see in Ronda Rousey whenever she fights can be daunting, and we have witnessed her opponents breakdown before her, falling as if in a debacle.

Perhaps even before she’s thrown her first punch, half her opponents have already been psyched out, half lost.

But that active intensity Ronda Rousey exuded is nothing compared to when the mystery of her voluntary seclusion is added. It seems like Rowdy is almost always ready to explode leading up to UFC 207, leaving the rest to our imagination, especially against Amanda Nunes.

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People are left with too many questions, instead of answers. She may finally be on a comeback route, but her mystique has doubled, baffling those behind her path.

In a way, she feels betrayed by the media after her loss. She was too accommodating and may have lost herself to make people happy. She feels like the media turned on her after Holly Holm knocked her out.

“I don’t care about anything except for winning this fight and I’m not spending energy on anything else,” Ronda Rousey said in a report by Sports Illustrated for UFC 207.

“I’m not sure how Ronda is going to deal with it. She has a big target on her, and she’s coming off a loss in devastating fashion and she’s fighting a very tough competitor. I don’t think you can read too much into her [not speaking to the media], to be honest. By not speaking, she can minimize what she has to do and maybe she’ll be able to focus better on what she needs to do in there.” Bispig said, according to Yahoo! Sports.

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What she doesn’t say speaks volumes. Her silence is instantly translated by most as the gravity of her anger that fuels her determination. Ronda Rousey is now heavily favored to beat Amanda Nunes in UFC 207 despite coming off a terrible loss. That’s how much respect she’s drawing even in her silence, or, especially for her silence.

Strength in memory of Ronda Rousey ‘s father

Behind the UFC promotions, the training, her dark silence, one thing that empowers Ronda Rousey to train as hard as she can against Amanda Nunes is the memory of her father, who killed himself when she was just 8.

During a pivotal moment in her life, she looks back to her family for guidance. She tries to harness her memories of her father to get through her biggest challenge awaiting her, personified in Amanda Nunes.

“I’ve tried to remember something from the before part of that day – what my dad was wearing, what he looked like, what he sounded like,” Ronda Rousey wrote in her autobiography My Fight/Your Fight, as reported by USA Today. “I wish I could remember the words he said to me before he walked out our front door. I can’t. I just remember what came after.”

It is a fitting anchor when the flow of the current of life is too tough to bear. That’s how close Ronda Rousey was to her dad. She hangs on her memories of him to fight on.

“One thing you figure out quickly about Ronda is that adversity doesn’t scare her,” Film producer Antico said. “She has been through tough times and she has always found a way to get past it. A lot of that comes from her dad and his own strength – and it is also very clear how important it is for her to honor his memory.”

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