Roy Nelson kicks ‘Big’ John McCarthy due to late stoppage against ‘Bigfoot’, apologizes after

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Roy Nelson
Photo courtesy: Jamison Hiner/Flickr

Although Roy ‘Big Country’ Nelso earned a huge knockout win against Antonio ‘Bigfoot’ Silva, controversy overshadowed his win when he expressed his frustration towards veteran MMA referee ‘Big’ John McCarthy due to an allegedly late stoppage. Roy Nelson got the ‘W’ in the second round from a massive uppercut at the UFC Fight Night Brasilia.

According to Fox Sports, Nelson got upset at how long it took McCarthy to stop the fight. He was seen throwing his hands up in protest right before giving McCarthy a kick.

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“It was a push,” Nelson said. “It was more of like, dude, come on, he was knocked out. I know what a KO is. I do it for a living,” Nelson clarified.

“When I hit Bigfoot, I already knew I knocked him out with my first punch, and then I got him one more time. In my head, it was like so slow-mo,” Nelson said in the post-fight press conference. “I’m friends with Bigfoot, and he has a family. I don’t need to keep punching him in his face.”

“He’s my friend, he has to go to a family, to me it’s like I know I already won. What’s the sense?” added Nelson.

Sherdog reported that in the past, making contact of any kind with an official has had dire consequences. Case in point was when Jason High shoved referee Kevin Mulhall after suffering a loss to Rafael dos Anjos at UFC Fight Night in Albuquerque in 2014.

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Roy Nelson might face punishment from the Brazilian MMA Athletic Association or the UFC but reported that it is at least partially dependent on whether or not McCarthy would file for a formal complaint.

“It hurt my feelings. I apologized to ‘Big John,’ but I wouldn’t take it back. It just hurt me that I had to keep hitting the guy,” Nelson said.

Photo courtesy: Jamison Hiner/Flickr

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