Tyron Woodley threatens Dana White: ‘I’ma be a tough dude to deal with’

UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley and president Dana White continue to trade shots regarding the controversial UFC 209 bout. After challenging White to fight Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson, Woodley claimed that the UFC president didn’t do a good job in promoting him as a champion.

“Have you ever heard of a commissioner going off on a (judge) for — ‘oh man, he should have never awarded that 10-8 round.’ Have you ever heard that before? Why in my fight would the person do that, when, in fact, the 10-8 round did not fix the outcome at all. The person that gave the 10-8 was the person that gave the draw. So why would we be making such a huge travesty on that? They should have done that in New York. I’ma just fall back. I’ma do my thing. But God damn, I’ma be a tough dude to deal with.”

Tyron Woodley took White’s criticisms of his UFC 209 performance seriously. “The Chosen One” found his statements “distasteful” after saying that Stephen Thompson should have won the bout. The dispute between Woodley and White started after the Woodley-Thompson UFC 209 bout became official.

Woodley strongly believed that he beat “Wonderboy” in their UFC 205 bout. He expressed his intention to fight other champions like Conor McGregor and Michael Bisping but the UFC didn’t grant his request. Woodley called himself as the worst treated champion in the history of UFC and claimed that he’s not treated like “white champions.”

Tyron Woodley fails to fulfill his promise to destroy “Wonderboy” at UFC 209

White denied Woodley’s accusations and explained that race doesn’t affect how they promote a fighter. The UFC president advised Woodley to continue showing a good performance to earn the respect he wants. “The Chosen One” vowed to destroy Thompson once they face each other again in the Octagon.

Unfortunately, Tyron Woodley failed to fulfill his promise at UFC 209. White believes that his disappointing performance greatly affects his stature as a champion.

“Tyron Woodley came out and said he was going to destroy Thompson and there would be no question he was the champ. Well, guess what? There’s questions again. Let me tell you what…when you have a performance like you did at 209 and you get booed for 5 straight rounds and then people are booing so loud you can’t even do your interview, you should probably just take your lumps and move on. Get your next fight as fast as you can and try to put that performance behind you,” White said.

Photo courtesy: RapidSpin33/Wikimedia Commons

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