UFC 200 Amanda Nunes’ groundbreaking win against Miesha Tate: A call for more MMA fighters in LGBTQ community

UFC 200 Amanda Nunes' groundbreaking win against Miesha Tate
After UFC 200 Amanda Nunes’ groundbreaking win against former Bantamweight title holder Miesha Tate, it seems calling other LGBTQ community to join MMA.

The UFC 200 Amanda Nunes’ groundbreaking win against Bantamweight title holder Miesha Tate might be the sign welcoming MMA fighters in the LGBTQ community. Nunes is world-renowned first gay fighter in the UFC history.

It might sound impossible to welcome an all-men and an all-women restricted MMA fights in the UFC. But Amanda Nunes broke tradition as she fought in the Octagon with all her might just like everybody else. In fact, she was able to defeat Miesha Tate, former Bantamweight title holder.

Her winning made a remarkable event and an implicit call for other LGBTQ community to join her in her UFC saga along with other greatest fighters. Her story became so inspiring which resonated much to others even to the non-LGBTQs.

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“This is amazing. The most important thing is I’m happy with my life. This is the most important thing,” Nunes said during the UFC 200 post-fight press conference.

She told about the special person who made her stronger to defeat Tate last Saturday night. “It means everything to me. This girl, she helps me everyday. I love her,” Nunes stated.

Daily Telegraph reported that Amanda Nunes mauled and battered the former champion Miesha Tate with punches before locking to submission. She won after the fight stopped after three minutes in the first round.

After winning the belt, she posted in her official Twitter account a photo of her and her girlfriend who’s also a fellow UFC fighter, Nina Ansaroff, kissing her cheeks.

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“Love is love,” the photo captioned. In the image, she wore the belt and her beautiful and happy smile. Every MMA fan could see her feeling of cloud nine after achieving the title as the new Bantamweight champion and the new title holder.

Hours ago, the new Bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes published another Twitter post. “Good morning. Since saturday I have been getting the best sleep #champion #ufc200 @AmericanTopTeam,” she tweeted.

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