UFC 200: Dana White wants Nate Diaz to have his pick of opponent at UFC 200

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Jon Jones

UFC president Dana White wants Nate Diaz to pick his own opponent at UFC 200. White is adamant that McGregor won’t be fighting at UFC 200 but the UFC president would like to keep Diaz at UFC 200.

According to White, he still believes that Diaz will make a substantial payday by fighting at UFC 200 even if he no longer faces McGregor.

The reigning UFC champion has rushed to the social media and sent his message saying that he doesn’t have plan on fighting anyone else in the industry and that he was going on vacation after news of McGregor was off of the UFC 200.

But White wants Diaz to stay on the fight card at UFC 200. In a new interview with TMZ Sports, White said that he still working to get Diaz in action at UFC 200 and that Diaz, but with one big exception, Conor McGregor.

“Obviously, I would like to keep Nate (on the UFC 200 fight card),” White said in a statement, via the Yahoo Sports. “Nate stands to make a lot of money in 200, I’d like to keep him in 200, but that’s up to him.”

“I have a long list of people he could fight, but it’s up to him. He stepped up to take the second fight with Conor; the thing fell apart. We’ll give (Diaz) a list of guys and if he wants it, he can have it.”

Currently, Nate Diaz is in state of limbo, waiting word from the UFC president Dana White about his next opponent. On Friday’s UFC 200 press conference, Diaz has told everyone that he would go for vacation if his opponent, Conor McGregor, and the UFC couldn’t agree to terms.

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