UFC 200: Daniel Cormier says Brock Lesnar texted him ‘Merry Christmas’ when he asked about his Octagon return

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Brock Lesnar (Photo Courtesy: Megan Elice Meadows/Wikimedia)

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier was one of the happiest people when he learned that Brock Lesnar will be on the UFC 200 card this July. Cormier revealed in an interview that he asked Lesnar about his return and he only got a text message saying, “Merry Christmas.”

Lesnar is one of the true major draws in UFC history as he still holds the record for the highest-selling UFC pay-per-view in history. His second fight against Frank Mir at UFC 100 last July 11, 2009, is still considered as the most successful event in the promotion’s history.

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The fighters on the UFC 200 card will receive a decent amount of share from the PPV buys but the addition of Lesnar just made everyone involved very happy. One of them is Cormier, who will defend his title against Jon Jones.

In an interview with the Opie and Jim Norton Show, DC revealed a very interesting story about him and Lesnar. He was at UFC 199 when he decided to text the former WWE and UFC champion regarding the rumors of his UFC return.

“I started hearing these rumors so I started texted Brock. I’m like, ‘Hey, Brock are you fighting? Tell me please.’ He didn’t respond. So I wrote, ‘Hey, Brock, is it Christmas time in the Cormier household?’ because Brock sells pay-per-views,” Cormier said, via FOX Sports.

“I am obviously one of the guys that gets pay-per-view dollars. And he goes, ‘Merry Christmas.’ That’s all he wrote back,” he added.

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It is interesting to know that Lesnar is friends with Cormier or the fact that he has friends besides Paul Heyman. Nonetheless, Lesnar and Cormier both have tough opponents at UFC 200 on July 9 at the T-Mobile, Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Photo Courtesy: Megan Elice Meadows/Wikimedia

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