UFC 200 News: Ken Shamrock suggests to allow the use of ‘safe level’ PEDs in MMA fights

UFC 200 news on Ken Shamrock suggesting use of PEDs during MMA fights
UFC 200 news about Ken Shamrock’s suggestion of using performance-enhancing drugs surprised every MMA fans. Would UFC allow PEDs during MMA fights?

Ken Shamrock recently talked about his suggestion to allow the MMA fighters in UFC 200 to use performance-enhancing drugs because it helps them do better in the ring.

The American mixed martial artist and Ultimate Fighting Championship Hall of Famer spoke regarding the ‘safe level’ use of PEDs among MMA fighters. He explained that as long as the level is regulated, it is fine to use these drugs to fight better in the UFC ring.

“I’ve taken a stance on it. My stance has always been upfront that this needs to be regulated. It needs to be a point where guys can use it at a safe level, because it does help. It does help in your health, and it does help in your recovery,” he said.

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During an interview with Inside MMA, he clearly stated the reality of Mixed Martial Arts or generally in UFC fights across the United States. He referred to the controversial fights with Royce Gracie wherein he was busted for using PEDs in different occasions and Jon Jones. The latter was also caught for using two different substances in the recent drug test.

He also revealed that this incident is not only prevalent in MMA and UFC-related events but also to other sports in the country. They just don’t admit they’re using these drugs during competitions, MMA Fighting noted.

“I just don’t see how they’re gonna stop something that they’ve allowed to happen for so long. I think my biggest anger with this is that it seems like everybody wants you to believe that their heads were stuck in the sand when all this was going on and then when all this was going on and then when something like this happens, their heads pop out of the sand and they go ‘Oh my gosh I can’t believe that happened! How dare you! You’re such a bad person! I’m so angry at you!’ And the reality of it is that everybody knows it’s going on in almost every sport across the United States,” Shamrock mentioned.

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According to Bloody Elbow, Jon Jones denied the claims of cheating during the competition on purpose and blamed the tainted supplement for the positive test results.

Will the UFC 200 management accept Ken Shamrock’s suggestion and allow the use of performance-enhancing drugs during MMA fights?


Watch full episode of Ken Shamrock’s interview with Inside MMA here!


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