UFC 200 Rumor: Dana White looks for suitable replacement for McGregor to fight Diaz; Jones-Cormier considered as replacement?

UFC president Dana White is rumored to consider a Jon Jones-Daniel Cormier fight at UFC 200 if they could not find a suitable replacement for Conor McGregor to fight Nate Diaz come July 9 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

This after White confirmed Friday that he and UFC officials have decided to pull McGregor off the supposed rematch with Diaz. White also told the media that they are in the process of looking for a replacement that would also top bill the man event and rumors are swirling that it would be either Georges St-Pierre or welterweight champion Robbie Lawler who would take the spot, though White has not confirmed the reports either.

“Everybody knows what’s been going on with the main event for UFC 200.  Nate Diaz will fight, and we’re gonna find him a new opponent,” White said.

White added that he does not know where McGregor is and simply stated that he thinks he is in Iceland training. He also explained that fighters were told that once a fight has been booked with them in it, they are obliged to join the promotional tour to garner more ticket sales, pay-per-view sales and advertisement and media hype as well.

“We try to give as much leeway as we can on things, but you have to show up and promote the fight. Is it too much to ask to try to shoot a commercial for the fight? A lot of these guys came here from different parts of the world. But, you know, these guys all came. They have better things to do, and they’re here. It’s part of the job. We gave Conor every opportunity in the world to get here, too. We get criticized a lot for bending too much for Conor, and we do. Conor is a guy who has stepped up and fought big fights on short notice, and I respect Conor very much as a fighter, and I like him, but you have to show up and do this stuff,” White explained.

But Diaz has stated that we would only want to fight McGregor and nobody else that means the fight between the two has gone beyond the Octagon.

“I came here to fight Conor. I’m not real interested in anyone else,” Diaz stressed.

To the delight of everyone, McGregor sent his regards to both White and Diaz.

If no fighter would want to take on the challenge to fight Diaz in such short notice, rumors are going around the UFC that the supposed McGregor-Diaz fight will be shelved and would be replaced with Jon Jones vs. Daniel Cormier title fight. But the catch is that Jones will have to beat Ovince Saint Preux to get the main event.

Photo Courtesy: Justin Moore/Flickr

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