UFC 202: Why Nate Diaz will beat Conor McGregor in rematch; 3-way battle

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Nate Diaz tells Conor McGregor to prepare to lose again
Nate Diaz does not care if he is seen as the underdog again at UFC 202 as rumors are swirling that he will make sure that Conor McGregor loses again.

For a fighter who talks a lot about boxing, even challenging Floyd Mayweather, Conor McGregor certainly lacks respect for time. His tardiness caused mayhem during the pre-fight press conference of McGregor vs. Diaz 2 for UFC 202, and now Dana White speaks of a possible legal action.

It could turn out to be a three-way fight.

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Apparently, someone was hurt during the hurling of bottles at the press-con and charges could be filed. On top of that, both fighters could face some punishment from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

According to a report by Fox News, Dana White said, “They’re both getting punished. What everybody’s got to understand is we’re overseen by the Nevada State Athletic Commission. I guarantee both of these guys are gonna get massive fines and there’s probably going to be a hearing after the fight.

“There could be suspensions, community service, it’s gonna be ugly.”

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The tough-talking Irish quickly backtracked and raised self-defense to validate his actions, saying, “I was in fear of my life yesterday, the bottle was flying I was ducking. It was just self-defense on my part. I dunno [about fines] I was afraid for my life.” As reported by The Mirror.

The latest turmoil has helped grab more attention to the upcoming UFC 202 event, and fans are now more intrigued with McGregor vs Diaz 2 more than ever.

What are Conor’s chances of redeeming himself in the rematch?

MMA analysts’ opinions may still be on track when they first discouraged McGregor from taking the rematch against Nate Diaz right away.

Nate Diaz is a natural welterweight who gave him more than he could handle despite the lack of time to fully train for the fight. And while it may be true that at some point Conor had started strong, still the fact remains that he gassed out too soon.

That may have been because his body wasn’t used to fighting at that weight, and moving up could take time for any fighter to adjust himself. People are talking about McGregor’s patients coming in, but patience was never his forte.

The fact that he’s right back in against Nate Diaz speaks for itself.

What the Irishman may have learned from his first fight remains to be seen as McGregor vs. Diaz 2 unfolds during UFC 202. But people seem to forget that Diaz may have picked up a thing or two from their first bout too. And this time around, he has enough time to prepare himself.

Nate Diaz is a durable fighter and is more likely to be able to take shots from a smaller McGregor whose power isn’t proven at the higher division.

Amidst all the “Notorious” hype, UFC 202 could turn out to be another fight in favor of Nate.

Regardless of the outcome, McGregor believes his legacy has long been set in stone since he beat Jose Aldo.

Photo courtesy: Andrius Petrucenia/Wikimedia Commons

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