UFC 203: Analysts predict CM Punk loss and Overeem upset

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UFC 203 predictions
UFC 203 predictions

UFC 203 is just a few hours away, but predictions are still coming in left and right for the main highlights of the event-Stipe Miocic’s heavyweight title defense against Alistair Overeem and CM Punk’s UFC debut against Mickey Gall.

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As expected, many are predicting a CM Punk loss, this being his first UFC fight, and with zero experience in the Octagon. Surprisingly, analysts are also expecting an Overeem upset, given the fighters vastly improving stand up and driven by four consecutive wins past top contenders like Arlovski and Dos Santos.

The win will go to the Reem at UFC 203?

Anton Tabuena, Eddie Mercado and Dayne Fox of Bloody Elbow all gives the fight to Overeem, who they predict will knock out Miocic sometime in round one or two. With Overeem as the obvious better striker (75% successful strikes vs Stipe’s 50%), Demolition Man may definitely have the upper hand.

“While Miocic is the better wrestler, I’m not sure if his pressure/cagework will be as successful against someone like Overeem who is so dangerous in the clinch,” Tabuena shares. “I also believe that while the first big punch can (will?) turn the tide, Overeem is the better overall striker here.”

Patrick Cwiklinski of the Province shares the same sentiment saying ”I have a feeling Overeem finishes Miocic in a smart and calculated performance to finally capture the title that’s eluded him since joining the UFC in 2011.”

Though, Jonatahan Bradley also predicts an Overeem upset, he sees the fight going the distance in a fight that could be “one of the best heavyweight championship matchups in recent memory.”

CM Punk is going to flunk at UFC 203?

Despite all the hype, (documented) training and tough-guy moves, many are doubting that Punk has what it takes to eke out a win in his first UFC fight.

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Jesse Holand of MMA Mania, Bradley of Fox, and Tabuena and Mackenzie of Bloody Elbow are just a few of these doubters who think that Gall will use his ground game to submit Punk at UFC 203.

“Mickey Gall looks like he has good instincts and at least baseline UFC-level athleticism,” elaborates Mackenzie. “Mickey Gall by submission, round 1.”

Bloody Elbow’s Mercado chimes in with the same prediction, poking some fun at the MMA novice saying Mickey Gall will win “by Disqualification due to CM Punk using a steel chair.”

Will these predictions hold true? UFC 203. Tonight.

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