UFC 203 News: Alistair Overeem thinks CM Punk ‘making a mistake, does not know what he’s getting himself into’

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Alistair Overeem shares his thoughts on CM Punk
Alistair Overeem shares his thoughts on CM Punk

Alistair Overeem will soon be facing heavyweight champion Stipe Miocic at UFC 203 since he first joined the fight promotion company in 2011. But fans (even Overeem’s) minds are focused on another fight-the Phil Brooks (aka CM Punk) and Mickey Gall undercard, which will also see the debut of the former WWE superstar.

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While Punk’s first fight in the Octagon has been much anticipated by both MMA and wrestling aficionados, there are some who have also been doubting the fighter’s mixed-martial arts career. Overeem, in a recent interview with the MMA hour, joined this group of doubters, emphasizing how Punk will probably have a difficult time once he enters the Octagon.

“Yeah, I’m curious as to how he’s going to do of course,” shared Overeem during his appearance at the MMA Hour. “But I think he’s in for a hard time. This is definitely different than pro wrestling. Especially in his weight class, he’s a welterweight, I believe — those guys are tough man. He’s going to experience it firsthand. There’s so many good guys at welterweight. So, that’s definitely somebody I wouldn’t want to be right now.”

Although the UFC heavyweight fighter also shared that his MMA career began the same way as CM Punk, being thrown to the fire pit, filled with hungry and angry wolves.

“That’s how I went into the K-1,” said Overeem. “Went in there, MMA guy, going against their best. And we’re going to see what’s going to happen. And to come back on that, I lost a couple of fights. But at that moment, in 2001, nobody ever thought I would win the K-1 nine years later. So it’s all about character. It’s also about perseverance.”

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At the end of it all, though, Alistair Overeem already has respect for CM Punk, and he is actually hoping for the possibility of an upset.

“Two things are going to happen, either he’s going to lose and quit or he’s going to win and he’s going to lose later on and quit,” he said in another interview with press at Los Angeles. “For him to think he can just do this for fun and test himself to see and I do have to respect that testing himself, I am at the same time hoping for the upset.”

Will CM Punk pull off the upset? Just a few days left before we find out. UFC 203 will be happening on September 10.

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