UFC 203 News: Renzo Gracie thinks CM Punk ‘has a big chance to win’

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With just days away from CM Punk’s UFC debut, the former WWE superstar boldly predicted that he’s going to win via TKO against Mickey Gall at UFC 203. Despite coming from a different fighting ground and promotion, Punk remains confident with the outcome of his fight against Gall.

Although considered by many as the underdog heading into UFC 203, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu practitioner and legend Renzo Gracie believes that Punk has a fighting chance against Gall.

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“I love the guy. I love CM Punk. He’s a great guy, and he’s a very tough guy,” Gracie said in an interview, taken from MMA Frenzy. “He trained for a long time with my cousins in Los Angeles, and now he’s training with Duke Roufus. For sure he will represent well this sport. I can’t wait to see his debut.”

“He’s going to be a tough guy, but I think he has a big chance to win,” he added. “I think he wins) with a guillotine. I believe, second round.”

Punk, who started out being humble entering the UFC, had now become very vocal about his upcoming fight and his opponent by making McGregor-like predictions.

In a report published by Christian Post, Punk made comments about his opponent’s purse after the fight, saying ‘it would be the biggest money Gall would ever get’. He also said that he would come out as the victor and expects he would get the crowd’s attention and cheers after the fight is all over.


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Punk’s UFC debut had been making noises in the MMA community, but will he live up to his words of defeating his Gall via TKO? UFC 203 is set to take place in Cleveland, Ohio on Saturday night.

Phil “CM Punk” Brooks signed with the UFC after walking away from WWE in early 2014.

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