UFC 205: $1 million insurance against brain injury for fighters

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Photo courtesy: InSapphoWeTrust/Wikimedia

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) will spend around $1,675 per athlete per fight for insurance coverage at UFC 205. This will insure every fighter of the pay-per-view (PPV) up to an amount of $1 million in case of traumatic brain injuries.

“The cost of the policy is $1,675 per athlete per fight. With 13 fights scheduled to take place at UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden, the promotion is looking at a cost of $43,550 to meet the new standard.” The ESPN reported.

The million dollar insurance requirement for brain injury is a new law which has been passed earlier in the year to regularize MMA fighting in New York City. It has to be noted that professional MMA was banned in the state in 1997.

Despite the new law, there has been many controversies from longtime boxing promoters, who are claiming that it has created a financial burden to do business. Many has even gone to the extent of accusing the UFC for “freezing out” other fight promotions with its lobbying effort to legalize MMA in New York.

“The sport has, for all intents and purposes, been evicted by a legislature willfully ignorant of both the boxing and insurance industries. Small businesses are being put at jeopardy with no recourse or ability to continue plying their trade.” Lou DiBella, longtime New York boxing promoter said, according to

Many critics have come out to say that the insurance has no intention to prevent injuries for the fighters. Rather their sole aim is to extract money from the promoters and do away with any liabilities if a fighter suffers a rare brain damage.

Photo courtesy: InSapphoWeTrust/Wikimedia

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