UFC 207 News: Dominick Cruz wants superfights after he defeats Cody Garbrandt

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Reigning UFC bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz is confident that he will easily defeat Cody Garbrandt at UFC 207. He is so confident that he is looking forward to his next opponents and he wants superfights.

Dominick Cruz feeling confident against Cody Garbrandt

In a recent interview with Yahoo! Sports, Cruz believes that Garbrandt does not have any backup plan for him. He noted that “No Love” only has one plan and it’s to knock him out. However, he is confident that he can exploit his opponent’s weaknesses.

“They’re all stuck on Plan A, which is ‘I hit harder than him. I’m faster than him’ and this and that. But what happens if you’re not faster?” Cruz said.

“What happens if you’re not stronger? What happens if you’re not quicker or what happens if you’re not more athletic? What is your Plan B? Well, Cody doesn’t have a Plan B,” he added.

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‘The Dominator’ still hates Team Alpha Male

Despite shaking hands and burying the hatchet with Urijah Faber, Dominick Cruz still does not like Team Alpha Male. The hate he has for them is driving him in his fight against Cody Garbrandt. He is 5-1 against Team Alpha Male members with two wins against Faber, two against Joseph Benavidez and one over T.J. Dillashaw.

“He’s been running my name through the dirt for so many years, and everything he’s said for all those years, I have proven was a lie; I have proven was wrong; I have proven was his assumption, where in actuality, he didn’t know a thing about me,” Cruz said in the same interview.

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Reigning bantamweight champ wants superfights next

Dominick Cruz finished his interview by revealing that he wants the best possible fights next. He is looking forward to having superfights with Demetrious Johnson, Jose Aldo or Max Halloway, and even Conor McGregor.

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