UFC 300 Predictions, Rumors: More Asian MMA fighters in 2024, encourages standardized mixed martial arts & more

UFC 300 predictions invites more Asian MMA fighters
UFC 300 predictions revealed more Asian MMA fighters in 2024 with several changes to happen in organization. Could Dana White take UFC to the next level?

Dana White confirmed that the UFC was sold for $4 billion which is so far the richest sale made in bidding history. That being said, many MMA fans talked about the organization’s future especially reaching UFC 250 and even UFC 300. At this point, fans could expect more Asian MMA fighters in 2024 as soon as the UFC 300 is well-established.

As much as the competitive structure is concerned, nobody could deny that the MMA fighters within this organization observed high competition. There will be lesser changes on rules and other related stuff around it during fights.

There will be changes in the way UFC chooses fighters to win the title. In UFC 300, it is already predicted that the select division will be in a Grand Prix style wherein there will be 16 best fighters to work on towards the title.

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Due to the increasing number of fighters, it is expected to have additional weight classes. From 10 divisions, it will become 13 UFC divisions in total. The heavyweight division will be divided into two.

One interesting part in UFC 300 predicted in the dramatic increase of Asian fighters. Currently, UFC considered this concern as the “next big thing for MMA.”  A well-established and well-standardized MMA might be made. Hence, this will displace the local MMA styles in the almost-Olympic fighting events.

Lastly, ESPN noted that there will be noticeable improvements when it comes to capturing punches and kicks between fighters in the UFC ring. They mentioned MLB’s speedy cameras enough to capture the fastball’s speed and glove sensors among pitchers catching the ball. This kind of technology is best for UFC as well.

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This will likely happen since the new UFC management still have enough time to prepare for a leveled up MMA fights. Obviously, the expectations for the organization is high due to the recent new ownership.

In fact, Dana White promised something big for the fans recently, Fox Sports reported. “The biggest deal in the history of sports and the most valuable sports franchise on Earth. They’re handing it over to a company that we all believe will take this thing to the next level,” White said.

If these predictions happen and if White’s promise of making UFC bigger are true, many expectants regardless of the nationality will be encouraged to watch and to join the events sometime.

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