UFC champ Daniel Cormier calls Jon Jones a two-faced monster

Daniel Cormier called Jon Jones a two-faced monster likened to that of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier admitted that he felt that he let his fans down after suffering a foot injury that led him to back out from their supposed meeting with Jon Jones at UFC 197. Cormier pointed out that he never backs down in a fight and stressed that he has not been injured Jones would have to worry getting inside the Octagon with him.

Cormier granted an interview with Fox Sports explaining his side of offering to help out Ovince Saint Preux, who has been called as a last minute replacement to fight Jones for the interim light heavyweight champion. Cormier narrated that the whole “help” thing was just a ploy to distract the former champion in his preparations for the said fight.

Cormier admitted that he had just finished a medical procedure on his injured foot and the anesthesia might have fueled him to answer back at the negative tweets posted by Jones to the point of calling him a coward. Cormier added that while his plan worked out, Jones, for him went below the belt in his side comments.

“I generally don’t say stuff like that. The reality is for his issues, I’m not a guy that’s going to make fun of him as much as I could. Those are pretty much layups. If I wanted to insult him, those things are easy to insult him about. A little bit of honesty juice, a little bit of truth serum inside of me. Even if I don’t help Ovince Saint Preux and I can’t help him beat Jon because I don’t know how to beat Jon Jones, I didn’t do it. I can only prepare myself as best I can to try and prepare to beat him. Like I said, I didn’t beat him the first time so I don’t have some secret serum to give Ovince, but I would try to help him because even by me being there, it bugs him. He doesn’t like it, he loses it. So even the fact that he went off and called me a coward and said I’m so mentally weak, that was enough. That was enough in regards to what I was trying to get across with the Ovince Saint Preux thing,” Cormier explained.

However, Cormier told MMA Fighting a week ago that Jones comment on his injury went too far and described him like that of “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” The incident happened when Jones posted a “get well soon” message for Cormier after he withdrew from the April 23 scheduled fight. Then there was a follow-up post to it that was quickly deleted, which did not surprise the current champ.

“My thing is this: when you look at the times that he tweets, it’s almost like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. In the day, Jon is one person. Then at night, he’s a different person. I think when he’s alone in the middle of the night is when he’s actually just himself, and then he writes stuff like that,” Cormier said.

With that, Jones is set to face Saint Preux next week and hopefully after that Cormier will accept the challenge to fight Jones next to settle things once and for all.

Photo Courtesy: Daniel Cormier @dc_mma/Twitter

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