UFC Champ Daniel Cormier reacts as Anthony Johnson retires: ‘It really does suck’

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UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier expressed his dismay after learning that Anthony Johnson retired. However, “DC” supported Johnson for his decision and wished him good luck on the new path that he will take.

“It really does suck,” Cormier said after UFC 210. “I don’t feel like he should walk away. I don’t know what he has going on personally. He said he has something outside of fighting that he needs to deal with. As a person that knows Anthony not only in the fight, but out of the fight, all you can do is try to support him. If he has something bigger to do then he has something bigger to do.”

Anthony Johnson retires after losing twice to Daniel Cormier

At UFC 210, Anthony Johnson eyed to avenge his loss to Daniel Cormier when they first faced each other at UFC 187. In the opening rounds, “Rumble” managed to take control of the match and looked like the belt was already within reach. However, Cormier overturned the outcome of the fight when Johnson changed his game plan.

Instead of engaging in a standup fight, Johnson wrestled Cormier and tried to take him to the ground. Unfortunately, he failed and the UFC light heavyweight champ found an opportunity in the second round to finish Johnson. For the second time, Cormier defeated Johnson via rear-naked choke.

Johnson felt frustrated after losing twice to the same opponent and at the same time failing to grab the UFC light heavyweight title once again. After the fight, “Rumble” made an announcement that left people in a state of shock including champ Daniel Cormier. After years of competing in the Octagon, Anthony Johnson retires.

“It will hurt the weight class because he’s a fun guy to watch. People enjoy watching him fight. He’s always knocking people out. It sucks. But we all have journeys in life, and I guess Anthony’s journey is taking him left (as all) us are going right,” Cormier said.

Dana White reacts after hearing Anthony Johnson retires

UFC president Dana White doesn’t look very affected by the retirement of Anthony Johnson. White believe Johnson’s place will be immediately filled as they continue to look for talented fighters to compete in the Octagon.

“I don’t ever think about that,” White said. “The reality is we’re going to keep bringing in talent, we’re going to keep putting on fights, and we’re going to keep doing what we do. The fact that he retired. If that’s what he feels he needs to do right now, that’s what he needs to do. I’m happy for him.”

Photo courtesy: @anthony_rumble/Instagram

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