UFC Champ Tyron Woodley: ‘I won’t be Conor.. That’s not my legacy’ on Dana White’s ‘drama queen’ comment

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Clash of UFC Champs: Michael Bisping vs Tyron Woodley
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UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley responded to Dana White’s claim of him being a “drama queen”. “The Chosen One” seems to understand White’s message but has no intention to do what Conor McGregor has done to make himself known in the world of MMA.

“I won’t be Conor. I don’t want to be the dude that you just think about with a crazy suit, talking crap, fighting in these super fights and driving a Rolls-Royce,” Woodley said. “What else can you tell me about Conor? What can you tell me about what he’s doing in the community? What can you tell me about what he’s doing in family? What can you tell me he’s doing in business besides blowing money? We don’t know a lot about him besides those two or three categories. That’s not my legacy. That’s his legacy. His goals are very clear and simple and I respect him for it to be honest.”

After his rematch with Stephen Thompson was announced, Tyron Woodley expressed his disappointment with how the UFC treats black champions. The UFC 205 bout between Woodley and Thompson turned out controversial which resulted in a majority draw in favor of Woodley.

After the fight, UFC president Dana White announced that they’re planning to schedule a rematch between the two fighters. Before the rematch became official, Woodley has been campaigning for a super fight either against Conor McGregor or Michael Bisping. Unfortunately, the UFC didn’t grant his request.

Woodley voiced out his frustration and claimed that his race affected his stature as the UFC welterweight champion. “The Chosen One” doesn’t see himself treated like white champions. He even called himself as the worst-treated champion in the history of the UFC.

White uses Conor McGregor as a perfect example to Tyron Woodley

After learning about Woodley’s statement, White denied that race has something to do with how they treated their fighters. The UFC president advised Woodley to focus on defending his title first before thinking of other opponents.

“The thing is with Tyron: First of all, he’s a smart guy, he’s a good-looking kid, he’s explosive, he’s got knockout power, but he’s a bit of a drama queen,” White said on ESPN Radio’s Russell and Kanell. “I think he means the fans are a big part of it too. When a fight is made – and Conor McGregor is a perfect example – Conor McGregor has that ‘fight anybody, anywhere’ attitude. But (he) doesn’t just have the attitude, he lives it.”

Tyron Woodley seems to understand White’s statement. However, he doesn’t want to walk on the similar path that McGregor is currently taking right now. Woodley would love to become a UFC star but made it clear that his goals are different from fighters like McGregor.

Photo courtesy: @mikebisping/Instagram

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