UFC: Conor McGregor speaks about his relationship with the UFC and his plans ahead of his first loss with Nate Diaz

Photo Courtesy: Hammeredkomodo/MMAbouts

UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor became the center of controversies in the MMA world starting from his retirement tweet, being pulled out from the UFC 200 and recently the rumored super fight against the retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Conor McGregor did not expect that his retirement tweet would have gone that big, resulting him to almost lose his career. Despite not believing McGregor’s retirement, UFC president decided to pull out McGregor from headlining the UFC 200. He reasoned out that the Irish fighter failed to make the needed promotional appearances. After White’s announcement, McGregor got back what he said and announced on his Facebook page that he was not retired. However, it was not enough for him to be reconsidered for the fight.

“I’ll tell you what, (the retirement tweet) blew up,” McGregor told ESPN in an exclusive interview. “I was kind of having fun to start, half-hearted. Then all of a sudden it’s, you’re off 200!’ I was like, ‘alright, well f— you too, then.’

“All said and done, there were times (I thought), ‘I should have just jumped on the damn flight.’ But sometimes you’ve got to do what’s right for you and not what’s right for everybody else — especially if you’ve done what’s right for everyone else a million times over.”

In the middle of the controversial retirement issues, Nate Diaz expressed his lack of interest to fight in the UFC 200. He said that he is only interested in fighting Conor McGregor and not another fighter.

On the other hand, news about the super fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. quickly spread and Dana White made his moves to stop the rumors. On a previous report, White tried to set a meeting with McGregor to discuss his comeback in the Octagon. The conversation went well, but opposite things happen when he tried to talk with Nate Diaz.

Despite the controversies, McGregor always describes his relationship with the UFC as ‘good’. However, with the recent dispute between White and Diaz, there are no firm details if the rematch will be taking place soon. It seems like the McGregor-Mayweather super fight will most likely to happen.

Still, the MMA fans will surely more want to see Conor McGregor to be back in the Octagon than appear in the boxing ring fighting someone like Mayweather.

Photo Courtesy: Hammeredkomodo/MMAbouts

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