UFC: Dana White makes his moves, McGregor versus Diaz II happening soon

Photo Courtesy: Hammeredkomodo/MMAbouts

UFC president Dana White is reportedly making his moves polishing the Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz rematch that was previously pulled out from UFC 200.

UFC president Dana White and CEO Lorenzo Fertitta had a successful meeting with featherweight champion Conor McGregor on Wednesday night and the two UFC officials headed to Stockton California on Friday to meet with Nate Diaz, according to Fox Sports.

However, White said that their trip did not go well. According to TMZ, Dana, Nate and a couple of suits were seemed to be in good terms as they chowed down. However, things started to become serious and ended with Dana White angrily walking out of the place and rode his SUV.

“Obviously, I’m not going to disclose details of the deal,” White told TMZ, who originally reported the meeting. “But let’s just say my trip to Stockton didn’t go well.”

When Dana White decided to pull out McGregor from UFC 200, Nate Diaz started to show the lack of interest to be back in the Octagon. He added that the only fighter that he wanted to fight is McGregor and no one else.

There are no specifics details yet with the said dispute, but the conversation was mostly about the expected rematch between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. There are speculations that the misunderstanding between the two parties has something to do with money.

Based on a previous report, Dana White made his move by talking to the Irish fighter to stop the rumors about the super fight between Conor McGregor and retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. White strongly disagree with the idea so he is desperate to bring back the featherweight champion in the Octagon.

However, with the conversation between the UFC and Nate Diaz coming to a disagreement, there is no firm possibility that the most awaited rematch will be happening soon. But for sure, the MMA fans will most likely want to see the rematch between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz rather than the super fight against Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Photo Courtesy: Hammeredkomodo/MMAbouts

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