Urijah Faber on Dillashaw, Ludwig: ‘They’re doing things like a crazy ex-girlfriend would do’

TJ Dillashaw and Urijah Faber

Faber said that it would be ‘weird’ for him to fight Dillashaw, should both former Team Alpha Male stablemates cross paths.

Urijah “The California Kid” Faber took some jabs at former teammate T.J. Dillashaw barely three months after the former UFC bantamweight champion’s ominous exit from his stable.

Speaking to the media following Dominick Cruz’s win over Dillashaw in UFC Fight Night 81, the leader of Team Alpha Male was rubbed off the wrong way in the manner that Dillashaw left their camp – and worse, in burning bridges to light the way to his exit.

Faber alleged that Dillashaw was one of those that sowed dissent in the Alpha Male fighters leading to his final months before his exit and subsequent ban from the Sacramento gym.

“The thing I don’t like about the situation with T.J. [Dillashaw] leaving is the way he did it: the way he said one thing and he was doing another. The way he tried rallying guys behind my back because I told him, ‘Hey, if you’re not going to be on our team, you can’t still be on the team’,” said Faber.

TJ Dillashaw and Urijah Faber“He wanted to get paid over here, but come to all these off-season training with us, come beat up our guys and look at our up-and-comers because he’s a competitive guy. I said, ‘T.J., if you want to be friends, we can build a friendship outside of this, but you can’t do this. You can’t be on both teams and see you get paid. That’s not the gig,’” he added.

What made their relationship sour was Dillashaw deciding to jump ship and join former Alpha Male coach Duane Ludwig, who clashed with Faber before leaving the camp. Faber then attacked Ludwig for trying to break down the bond inside their team.

“On top of that, Duane [Ludwig] was actively trying to break our team down, like secretly texting guys and saying they don’t have what it takes to be champions and doing these things like a crazy ex-girlfiend would do,” said Faber.

“He [Dillashaw] is siding with that, and he wants to be with the other team and still wants to be with our team and I said: ‘You can’t do that!’ And all of a sudden he’s a victim. So I don’t like that at all,” he added.

“But I got a lot of love for T.J. He’s come up from under my wing and he is where he is. I would have like to be there to help him [against Cruz] because I fought him, but he believes what he believes. Perception is reality. It’s unfortunate.”

In the aftermath of Dillashaw’s loss to Cruz, Faber is reportedly one of those in line against the new bantamweight champion to complete their trilogy. However, a grudge match between Faber and Dillashaw is also eyed, but “The California Kid” said it would take its toll on him emotionally.

“I don’t have to fight [Dillashaw]. It would be just weird for me. It would be the most emotional I’ve been in a fight, that’s for sure,” said Faber.

Watch the entirety of the post-fight media scrum with Urijah Faber, courtesy of MMA Fighting on SB Nation:

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