UFC Fight Night 91 Results: Cortney Casey wins against Cristina Stanciu in Round 1 via TKO

UFC Fight Night 91 Cortney Casey vs Cristina Stanciu

UFC Fight Night 91 results revealed Cortney Casey’s win against Cristina Stanciu within a first round TKO.

With the first few minutes in Round 1, Casey was able to get a hole in Stanciu’s defense. She immediately grabbed the chance to take Stanciu down with series of huge shots (elbows) and grappled until the referee stopped the fight.

Casey took the top position and landed heavy elbows to Stanciu. Although the latter regained half-guard, Casey was still able to score and took down Stanciu. She immediately moved directly into mount afterwards. See video here. 

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Three minutes before the first round ended, Cortney Casey already smelled blood when Stanciu covered up and turned her to the side. Within the first round, Casey backed off to allow herself to move back to standing.

Yet, she was able to land several shots which left Stanciu unable to respond. At this point, the referee decided to jump in and forced her to raise her hand at exactly 2 minutes and 36 seconds marks of the first round.

Upon her winning, Casey explained why she was happy with the outcome of her fight with the first rounder Stanciu despite the age.

“I’m just happy it was a first-rounder and not a three-rounder war. She’s a younger fighter and sometimes you have to let them know that experience is about to take over,” she told MMA Junkie. 

“She has a couple pro fights, but I’m well-rounded. I’m not afraid to throw elbows, I’m not afraid to throw knees, and they were open, so I threw them,” Casey added.

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“Carla Esperanza has two of the most boring fights in the UFC history. All of her fights, other than the title fight with Joanna (Jedrzejczyk) are incredibly boring. I want to go put on a show with her,” she continued.

Consequently, Cortney Casey earned her first TKO victory since March 2015 and first win in the UFC based from the recent UFC Fight Night 91 results.

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