UFC Latest Rumors: Ronda Rousey is pregnant

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UFC Latest Rumors: Ronda Rousey is pregnant?

MMA fans are eager to see Ronda Rousey back in action. However, the UFC star is yet to give us any indication whether she will be returning soon. A lot of speculations have been raised regarding the former champ’s situation.

Some sources claim that she has been nursing a knee injury that needs surgery. For others, it is mainly due to the distractions outside being a fighter. Recently, a rumor has spread that Rousey is actually pregnant that is why she won’t be returning soon.

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UFC President Dana White quickly dismisses the story. According to TMZ, White has already talked to Rousey on the phone and she assured him that it is a complete lie.

The rumor started when Cris Cyborg tweeted about Ronda’s “new life”. As it turns out, this is part of Cyborg’s ploy to force the armbar specialist into choosing her as the next opponent in line. This is not the first time that Cyborg tried to get under Rousey’s skin.

Last year, Cyborg told Yahoo Sports that Rousey has been running away from her. This time, she took it to a whole different level. And she will not cease to do things like these until she successfully forces Ronda into match inside the octagon.

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A lot is going on in the women’s bantamweight division of the UFC, with newly crowned champ Amanda Nunes eager to pounce on anyone brave enough to challenge her. Still, Rousey remains to be a commanding figure despite her spending time away from the playing field. Then again, all the cloud of doubt that surrounds the former world number one can only be cleared the moment she chooses to step into the bright lights of the octagon once again.

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