UFC News: Chaos at the UFC 202 press conference [VIDEO]; Nate Diaz responds

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Chaos at the UFC 202 press conference

What was supposed to be a standard press conference in the lead-up to UFC 202, turned into a fiasco, with Conor McGregor arriving late, Nate Diaz walking out, and both fighters’ camps hailing water bottles at each other. And if all the chaos at the UFC 202 press conference is any indication of what to expect, then MMA fans are in for a treat Saturday night.

While an already frustrated Diaz had to wait for McGregor, who arrived thirty minutes after the start of the press conference, a member of the press set things off by asking if Diaz lost, would McGregor give him another fight.

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“The way it all panned out I have to get a lot of business to handle after this fight,” McGregor responded at the press conference, adding “But make no mistakes, it will be a trilogy fight down the line. It won’t be straight away but we will do it down the line.”

By then, Diaz had already begun moving out of the venue, while shouting expletives at McGregor. The Notorious shot back with his own choice of words and told Diaz and his camp to “Get the f**k out of here.”, which only irked the fighter more, prompting him to start throwing water bottles at McGregor. McGregor retaliated by picking up water bottles of his own and began flaying at Diaz and the rest of his crew. UFC president Dana White immediately called McGregor to stop and ended the press conference.

A video clip of the debacle can be seen below:

After the all the chaos at the UFC 202 press conference, UFC Tonight reached out to Diaz to get his side on the incident.

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“Like I said, that guy, he walked in like he was the show,” Diaz said in his interview. “But when I left the show, the show was over. So who’s the show?”

Come Saturday evening, the entire world will find out.

A clip of Nate’s interview can be seen below.


Photo Courtesy: Lee Bremilow/ Flickr

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