UFC News: Conor McGregor says Nate Diaz ‘just won the lottery’ in first fight, will avenge loss in UFC 202

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Conor McGregor focuses on exacting revenge on Nate Diaz at UFC 202
UFC featherweight champ Conor McGregor is bent on focusing this time in his scheduled rematch with Nate Diaz for UFC 202 to exact revenge on Aug. 20 at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Conor McGregor likes to beat an opponent way before a fight even starts. His trash talking gets into fighter’s heads and is designed to ruin their game. He may not be as poetic as Muhammad Ali, but he sure gets a lot of attention each time he speaks up.

It’s ironic that he did not show up for the talk show hosted by Conan O’Brien on TBS. Instead, Balls.E reports McGregor left a video message to Conan apologizing for his absence and said:

“I just hope he’s not up on that stage wearing that stupid black t-shirt he’s never out of. The boy has been wearing that same damn t-shirt for the past 20 years or something.”

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Truth-be-told, Nate Diaz laughed it off and unbuttoned his jacket to show his black shirt. He didn’t seem affected at all, despite a prior conversation with O’Brien regarding his pre-fight anxieties.

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When asked about what goes in his head each time he prepares for a fight, Nate Diaz simply downplayed things and said that to calm his nerves he just stays realistic. He pointed out the risks of fighting, the probability that one could get taken out in a competition; that he’ll just do everything he can to not let it happen.

In a contrasting demeanor, Conor McGregor continued his verbal onslaught and went so far as to say that Nate Diaz won the lottery in their first fight at UFC 196, but that he’s serious in avenging his only loss in the UFC.

Whether Nate Diaz actually won that fight based on luck is another rich topic for debate, and Conor McGregor maintained that he had won the first and a half rounds of the match until he gassed out.

Diaz kept his cool and responded, “The truth came out — and it’s coming again. The truth will be on August 20th when it goes down again.”

Since his loss to Diaz by submission, Conor McGregor has been reportedly obsessed for a rematch. UFC president Dana White and his coach John Kavanagh, and an army of critics persuaded him against it, and yet he has defied all of them.

The second loss to Diaz would plummet Conor McGregor’s stock without a doubt, but it looks like he’s got all bases covered this time around. He might just win this fashionably.

UFC 202 will take place in Las Vegas, Nevada on Aug. 20th.

Photo courtesy: Andrius Petrucenia/Wikimedia Commons

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