UFC News: Georges St-Pierre ‘happy’ for MacDonald transfer to Bellator MMA

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Georges St-Pierre happy for Rory MacDonald
Georges St-Pierre happy for Rory MacDonald

Rory MacDonald officially moved to Bellator MMA last week, signaling the end of his stint with the UFC. The MMA fighter was not short on words, expressing his excitement about joining a fight production company that “stands out right away,” who has “big screens, entrances” and who can “do it bigger.” But it wasn’t just the Red King who was happy for the transfer, as his friend and training partner, Georges St-Pierre, also voiced out his support for MacDonald.

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“Oh, I am very happy for Rory. I think it’s a great move for him. He chose the best option for himself and his family. I wish him the best. We’re going to train together still. I’m very happy for him. He found a new home to make more money and, if the conditions of work are better, I’m happy,” St-Pierre said during the interview with Uproxx.

Rory Macdonald’s last fight with the UFC was a loss to top welterweight contender Stephen Thompson at UFC Fight Night 89. After the defeat, MacDonald, who was a free agent, renegotiated his contract with the UFC, which eventually did not pan out for both parties. Bellator MMA stepped in, bringing us to present day, and MacDonald to another fight promotion company.

The move was probably the best decision for MacDonald financially, as well, since the fighter was only earning small money compared to the other fighter in his caliber. In his title fight against Lawler, he only made $59,000.00, which also changed the way he saw the MMA. It’s no wonder that Georges St-Pierre is also thrilled for the former UFC fighter.

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The two are longtime training partners in the Tri-Star Gym, and when GSP stepped out of the Octagon in 2013, many thought MacDonald would be the heir to St-Pierre’s reign. But after consecutive losses, it seemed like the Red King was not up to the challenge.

And St-Pierre may be reclaiming his throne on his own, as there are rumors of his return to the UFC, with a title shot at current welterweight champion possibly in the making.

“He (Woodley) texted me and I don’t know him very well, but he texted me and he explained that he challenged me and he wanted to do it because he wanted to fight the best. But it’s not my decision, the UFC is a business and the way it works, because UFC is a business, they have to choose what’s best for them,” Georges St-Pierre explained to Uproxx.

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