UFC News: Georges St-Pierre needs to convince Dana White for comeback

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For Georges St-Pierre to get back in the Octagon, he needs to get healthy, ready and must convince UFC president Dana White, otherwise, he will never step back in it in the future.

In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, White stated that he will be thrilled to have GSP back, but doubts if the former welterweight champion is really gunning for comeback.

“I highly doubt it’s going to happen because GSP’s been off for too long and has a ton of money. You don’t do a six-week camp to learn if you have the hunger. You either know it or not. Robbie Lawler knows it, he’s hungry, he trains like an animal. You’re either hungry and an animal or you’re not.” White said.

He also learned that St-Pierre had talks with boxing Hall of Fame Freddie Roach for a six week test camp, which he considers is unlikely of GSP.

“It’d be great if he comes back, yes, I love Georges St-Pierre — amazing athlete — but comeback talk? I laugh at it. To be a world champion, you have to be hungry. That’s not GSP. Not even close,” White added.

On the other hand, St-Pierre’s longtime coach Firas Zahabi in an interview with ESPN said that the Canadian-born fighter together with his management and the UFC will be making the announcements soon.

“I train fighters. I don’t talk about those things. I just want to know who we’re fighting, a time and place. There are so many factors at play, but those three groups will decide. Just give me a time, place and name of a guy and I’m very confident Georges will come out on top. He’s that good,” Zahabi added.

He further said that St-Pierre is happy since he took a break from the game, but if a return is looming in the near future, he believes the “Rush” can take it to the next level. St-Pierre vacated his title and left the UFC in December 2013 after holding the record for most wins in title bouts and the second longest combined title streak in the UFC.

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Mallard/Wikimedia

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