UFC News: Georges St-Pierre updates on return; UFC Management ‘unreachable now’

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Georges St-Pierre return
Georges St-Pierre return

News about the return of former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has been making the rounds lately and recent comments from his camp have been suggesting a bout in the Octagon soon.

If UFC management responds to the MMA fighter.

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In an interview with MMA fights, Wednesday, Georges St-Pierre shared how he and his agents have been trying to contact WWE-IMG, the new owners of the UFC, in the attempt to discuss his contract. Both parties were originally scheduled to meet on Tuesday, but things did not pan out.

“We wanted to get in touch,” St-Pierre told MMA Fighting. “They were supposed to talk yesterday, but they couldn’t reach them. Something happened. They’re supposed to reach them. They’re unreachable now.”

The UFC gave a different side to the story, according to MMA fighting, rebutting Georges St-Pierre’s claim. UFC senior vice president of public relations Dave Sholler seemed to indicate that negotiations are still well underway.

“Dialogue between GSP’s management and UFC officials is ongoing,” said Sholler in a statement.

But with UFC management taking so long in deciding and responding to GSP, the fight promotion company may just be adding to Rush’s already waning patience. The fighter, who has already enrolled in the required US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA), has been declining other possible ventures and opportunities, just to show that he is serious about his return.

“We’ll see,” St-Pierre added. “I’ve refused a lot of projects because of this. At one point, I’ll have to make a choice. I want to stay sharp. I want to stay in shape.”

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GSP has also raised some “reasonable” requests to the UFC but seems to have not gotten any word from top brass. One of the biggest concerns of Rush is the UFC-Reebok deal, which was not yet inked when he left the UFC in 2013.

“It’s a lot of the Reebok deal, but it’s also other things, too,” St-Pierre said. “The Reebok deal is part of it and it changed a lot of the infrastructure of the contract. This is not my fight. This is my manager’s fight.”

And his manager may be going up against some serious doubters, most especially Dana White, who has been pessimistic about the former UFC champion’s return to the Octagon. The UFC president made it clear that he’s not even considering a comeback for Georges St-Pierre saying that he is “done” and “will not fight again” during an interview last month with media at the UFC 200 weigh-in.

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