UFC News: Jackson predict CM Punk will get knocked down in the 1st round

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The awaited UFC debut of Phil “CM Punk” Brooks will have to wait due to a shoulder injury. (Getty Images)

Even if Phil Brooks aka CM Punk haven’t fought a single MMA match in public, experts are already cashing in that he will get knocked out.

More so, a knock out in the 1st round is predicted if Mickey Gall steps in the ring against Phil Brooks according to Mike Jackson.

“I think Mickey takes him out in the first round. I think it’s a first-round finish for Mickey. Look, Phil [Brooks], he can train with these guys for as long as possible. The wear and tear he’s had on his body from professional wrestling, I just don’t see him advancing. There are people like BJ Penn who’s coming out who received their black belt in three years, things like that. I don’t see him as being that type of athlete and definitely doesn’t have that type of fighter IQ.

Despite that, Jackson is giving a fair shake on Brooks’ chances but it seemed quite slim for him.

“I don’t believe in lucky punches and things like that, but that’s all he really has is a puncher’s chance to close his eyes and to throw a wild shot. I don’t see him being able to take Mickey down and submit him. Especially on the hands, his striking is horrible.”

Jackson had the honor of being the first fight for Mickey Gall and he predicts that Gall is a rising star in the UFC.

“He’s young,” Jackson observed. “He’s only 23. He has a bright future ahead of him. As long as he’s sort of brought up the correct way. He’s not going out and calling out top 10, top 15 guys. He’s brought along the proper way. He comes in here, he defeats Punk. You’re going to have to give him someone with not a lot of fights. Maybe four fights, five fights, someone early on. Or maybe someone on the outs, getting ready to get cut by UFC that has maybe one or two fights left.

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