UFC News: CM Punk fears the Octagon according to Matt Brown

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The awaited UFC debut of Phil “CM Punk” Brooks will have to wait due to a shoulder injury. (Getty Images)

After signing with MMA giant, the Ultimate Fighting Championship, Phil Brooks aka CM Punk has yet to fight his first match in the organization. Yet again, he backs out due to injury.

During the reality show “Dana’s Looking for a Fight”, UFC CEO Dana White stumbled upon a promising fighter that caught the attention by the name of Mickey Gall.

Gall immediately said that he wants to fight CM Punk. White immediately expressed his interest on making it a reality and he first had to put Mickey Gall in the Octagon to see if he really belongs in the UFC.

During UFC Fight Night 82, Gall impressed everyone with his UFC debut with a 1st round 45-second submission against Mike Jackson.

Once again Gall called out CM Punk. Dana White tried to schedule it but a few weeks after, Brooks called up to inform everyone that his UFC debut will once again be delayed with an injury.

Matt Brown, a UFC fighter that experienced the same injury, downplayed Punk’s excuses.

“This guy, he ain’t no fighter, man,” Brown said.

“Like I said before, let’s say he does go fight. People don’t understand what it’s like sitting in that locker room for two to three hours knowing this guy right down the hall is going to try to [expletive] murder you. You’re in front of millions of people and your friends and family, that feeling in indescribable. The nerves – a lot of people call it fear. That feeling is not to be envied.”

With that, Brown accused Phil Brooks that he is not yet ready mentally to fight in the Octagon.

“Conquering that fear takes something I think different than most people have and I question whether CM Punk has that or not.”

Would the UFC give up on the CM Punk experiment? We hope not!

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