UFC News: Matt Hughes disapproves unions for fighters, says ‘I am not a union fan’

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Among the talk of the town in the MMA world today is the formation of a fighter’s union which basically aims to protect the rights of the fighters. Taking part in the discussion, however, former UFC champ and Count Hall of Fame fighter Matt Hughes disapproves unions for fighters.

“I’m not a union fan, bottom line,” Hughes revealed in an interview for UFC Fight Night 93 and later published by MMA Fighting.

“I think unions started as a good thing back in the day, but they’ve turned into a monster. So I just don’t see a need for it. Fighters have a choice to fight for any organization they want. They’ve got a choice of playing baseball, basketball, football, swinging a hammer, being a lawyer, doing anything they want. But they wanted to fight.”

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Before any of Hughes’ statement came out, a union was earlier formed. Just last month, Professional Fighters Association (PFA) was established in an effort to take a stand to protect every fighter’s rights. Huge names like T.J. Dillashaw and Mark Hunt have long been supporters of this union since its inception.

“When I started out, it wasn’t for the money. I fought to compete. So I just don’t see the need for a union,” Hughes added.

According to, the presence of the union has not yet been felt in the MMA world and in the UFC 202 pre-fight conference, UFC big boss Dana White was later asked about the formation of such union. White, however, stated that he knew nothing about the issue.

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Matt Hughes is widely known to be one of the best MMA fighters to grace the octagon. After retirement, he continues to work for the UFC as VP of Athlete Development and Government Relations.

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