UFC 196: Nate Diaz explains how he was selected to fight McGregor

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When Frankie Edgar aired out his emotions on not being selected as the next opponent for Conor McGregor, Nate Diaz was asked to share his side of the story on how he got selected to battle the most popular athlete in MMA.

“They’ve been calling me on and off for this guy since he was supposed to fight Aldo the first time,” Diaz said.

“They knew they were fighting me this whole camp, I’m sure. They put out a video of him talking sh*t on me at the MMA Awards like two weeks ago. You guys know something already?”

Dana White heard the news of Edgar’s grievances over the UFC and told everyone that he was supposed to be the opponent for McGregor but instead, Edgar declined the offer.

On the other side, Diaz was very responsive to White upon the call to fight.


“At least Nate (Diaz) was engaging in the conversation,” McGregor said.

“Everyone else flat-out went running. Instantly, he became the frontrunner. And that’s it.”

It was a no-brainer for Diaz – who is coming off from a suspension for using PEDs – and he never really cared on what Jose Aldo or Frankie Edgar said and done prior to calling him.

What matters most for Diaz is that he is ready.

“They asked me to fight and I said yes — from the beginning,” Diaz said.

“So whatever problems they had, I don’t know. But I came ready to fight. Any weight class, it didn’t matter. There was no hesitation on my part. I was ready to rock the whole time. I said it a few months ago.”

When asked if he was surprised on how much a fighter can earn from fighting McGregor, but more so, he wants to beat Conor and maintain that financial status.

They gave me a f*ckload of money and you know what I said?” Diaz said. “I said, ‘I want more of that sh*t.’ How about that, motherf*cker? Think I’m taking some fight, f*ck that. Pay me. But they called me, I didn’t ask.”

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