UFC News: Overeem weighs in on his upcoming match; Says expect KO in round 2

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Overeem weighs in on his upcoming match

Heavyweight fighter Alistair Overeem has not seen a title match ever since he joined the UFC in 2011. Going two for five at the start of his career, the fight promotion company never regarded him as a top contender for the belt.

But since his last loss in 2014, Overeem has won four straight against top heavyweight fighters like Andrei Arlovski and Junior Dos Santos. Finally, with a chance to win the UFC heavyweight title, the Reem will go head to head with current champion, Stipe Miocic in UFC 203.

Ahead of the fight, Overeem weighs in on his upcoming match.

His fight prediction? That he will take out Miocic in the second round of their title match, according to an interview with TMZ.

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Not only that, but Alistair also plans on turning down the noise at Quicken Loans Arena, in Ohio, Miocic’s home state.

“I’m actually very excited about (fighting in Cleveland),” said Overeem during an interview at the MMA Hour. “Obviously 99 percent of the arena will be rooting for Stipe. But, you know what, it is what it is. And when I get my hand raised, I have my fans all over the world, but at that moment the crowd will be a little bit quiet. I look forward to that moment.”

He also sent a message to Miocic during the interview, emphasizing that he is the hungrier wolf between the two fighters.

“But yeah, I got one message. That the wolf that is hungry is going to run a little bit faster than the wolf that is sitting on top of the mountain chilling who has his belly full. That’s a little bit what I’m seeing here. Yeah he’s enjoying the life, he’s enjoying the high, but I’ve been working. After Arlovski I went right back in the gym and I’m just working, working. Working for that date, which is coming up Sept. 10.” the Reem emphasized during the MMA hour interview.

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Meanwhile, as Overeem weighs in on his upcoming match and diligently prepares to fight it out with Miocic in the Octagon, the champ has been busy doing other things.

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