UFC News: Pickett believes that his body is far from retirement

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After winning his first fight since 2014 against Francisco Garcia in UFC Fight Night 84, Brad ‘One Punch’ Pickett – at age 37 – feels rejuvenated and feels that his career has a new life.

“It all has to do with my body, really,” Pickett explained. “My body’s not giving up on me. I’m feeling great in the gym. I’m competing with guys at the highest level in American Top Team, younger than me, and I’m doing well and beating them. It’s not a case that I can’t compete at this level, it’s just that I need to transfer my training to the cage and get the wins. You can be the most exciting fighter in the world, but if you keep losing every fight, you’re going to lose your job. You can be the most boring fighter in the world and win every fight, but if you lose you can get cut as well.”

For now, Pickett wants more fights in the next few years and he would like to maximize the rest of his youth.

“I’m love my job, so I want to stay on this horse as long as I can. Like I say, I feel like I still compete at this level and not just be in there to make up the numbers. I’m going to keep fighting. I’d like to get back in there as soon as I can.”

So where does Pickett go from here? All he wants are rematches with some old foes to get him more motivated.

“As for opponents, my original opponent pulled out. I would love to get that rematch and get back in there and try and get a little momentum behind me now,” he noted. “Now I got my confidence back. I was always confident in the gym. I’ve been doing well in the gym, but I need to translate into the cage. I managed to get a win tonight, so hopefully I can get a bit of momentum back in me.”

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