UFC president Dana White looks at Nate Diaz’s future with uncertainty

UFC president Dana White looks at an uncertain future with Nate Diaz, this after the American grappler turned superstar after beating Conor McGregor at UFC 196 held at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Interviewed at The Jim Rome Show, White stated that Diaz made huge money after beating McGregor and added that the American jiu jitsu fighter was really looking for a fight that would land him a big payday. He also hinted that he hopes to see Diaz fight again and was honest to state that he does not really know what Diaz plan is for his future.

“Nate Diaz made a lot of money on Saturday night and if you know anything about Nate’s career and what he’s wanted, the kid was looking for a big payday. He got his massive monster payday. Hopefully, we see him fight again, but who knows. For me to try to predict what either of one of the Diaz brothers are going to do, that’s impossible,” White said.

White added that with the huge money Diaz got for the fight he had with McGregor there is even a greater possibility that he might not step back into the Octagon.

“I think it’s very possible. I can tell you this, you know I don’t ever talk money or anything like that. He made life changing money that could definitely last him the rest of his life,” White explained.

White also dismissed allegations that he was the true loser when McGregor lost the fight to Diaz. He was pictured out as siding with The Notorious and that the lost also meant a big setback for the UFC as well.

“People are nuts, are you kidding me? Think about what Mayweather-Pacquiao was advertised to be, and then look at what it was. There’s nobody walking away from Saturday night, whether you went to a bar, you stayed home and bought it on pay-per-view, or you bought a ticket to this fight, nobody left that arena unhappy. That’s what matters to me man,” White added.

He stated that he had all the respect for McGregor for jumping two weight class and taking in Diaz at 170 lbs. He also noted that McGregor handled the lost very professional and even branded him as a true “student of the game.”

“If you look at Conor McGregor, he’s the 145-pound champion. His opponent pulled out, and he scrapped all weight classes and said me and Nate Diaz want to fight each other, let’s do it. What bad comes out of that? And the thing is, he makes fighting fun. Man, this guy will fight anybody, anytime. It’s amazing, nothing bad,” White related.

White also officially announced that Miesha Tate will defend her women’s bantamweight title against Ronda Rousey between October and November before setting the much awaited rematch with Holly Holm.

Photo Courtesy: Justin Moore/Flickr

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