UFC president Dana White speaks about the rumored Mayweather-McGregor fight

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McGregor vs. Mayweather (Photo Courtesy: @TheNotoriousMMA/Twitter)

UFC president Dana White released a statement regarding the rumored fight between the boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. and UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor that continue to gain steam.

According to a report from Fox Sports, Dana White expressed his opinion to the ‘Dan Patrick Show’ on Wednesday, about the chances of the Mayweather-McGregor fight on becoming a reality.

He said that Mayweather needs to talk to him first since McGregor is under contract with the UFC. However, if the future meeting goes well, there is a higher possibility that the fight might happen.

“We haven’t talked about it. Conor McGregor’s under contract with the UFC,” White said. “If Floyd wants to fight Conor — call me, Floyd.”

Mayweather admitted a few days ago that he was the one responsible with the rumors and added that he is willing to come out of retirement in order to fight McGregor.

On a previous report, the 56-year-old American boxing trainer Freddie Roach stated that he was contacted by people who claimed to be from Conor McGregor’s camp, asking him to train the Irish fighter for the rumored superfight against the retired boxer Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“They asked me about training Mcgregor this morning,” Roach told a Fight Hub TV via, but declined to reveal who exactly he had talked to. “If he comes, he comes. I’ll help. But I’m not going to train him to fight [Floyd] Mayweather. I have to train him for at least three years to get him ready for Mayweather.”

Though Roach said that he is ready to train McGregor, he admitted that it will take three years to make the Irish fighter ready for Mayweather. Boxing has a big difference from MMA. With McGregor’s current status, he will be needing a lot of adjustments in order to match Mayweather.

However, with McGregor’s strength and speed, there is a possibility that he can knock out the boxing champion, if and only if Mayweather is willing to fight him heads on unlike what he did in his fight against Manny Pacquiao.

There are no updates given yet about the rumored fight. But Dana White said that if it bounds to happen, the UFC will be definitely in the middle of it.

Photo courtesy: @TheNotoriousMMA/Twitter

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