UFC Rumor: Georges St-Pierre takes on Robbie Lawler in UFC comeback?

Georges St-Pierre has been rumored for a comeback and talks with UFC have sparked the much awaited comeback.

Georges St-Pierre is rumored return to the Octagon has sparked a notch higher as rumors around the UFC have been swirling that the he would be pitted against Robbie Lawler.

Since St-Pierre openly admitted that he is currently in talks with the UFC on his possible comeback, it was also rumored that the talks involved of a mega fight that will surely be to the delight of the crowd and to the Canada-born fighter.

Gary Friel writes that with Lawler in the picture it will surely entice GSP to get back in no time, but since a three-month training schedule for UFC 200 would be too late for both fighters, the idea is still not a far fetch one.

MMA Junkie has reported that Dana White is planning a fight for Lawler at UFC 201 or 202 and with the talks that they are having with St-Pierre, it would be a sin not to include him in the possible candidates for the fight as well. Although White is looking at Tyron Woodley as possible opponent for Lawler, fight fans would rather have St-Pierre’s comeback fight against one of the toughest and one of the famous mixed martial arts fighter that the UFC has right now.

It could even break ticket sales and the pay-per-view market if it would be titled fight since Lawler is the current welterweight champion, the title that St-Pierre held before walking away from the sport in 2013.

St-Pierre told Fox sports that he could not give much information about his talks with the UFC but stressed that they now are in good terms and if his comeback would work out it would be the UFC to announce it together with whom he would fight next.

“I’m in good terms with the UFC. We’re talking, everything is possible but I don’t know right now. I can’t tell you everything. I have to keep some secrets. I am not able to tell you a scoop, if there is any news it is the UFC that will decide to release it. I can say that I am on good terms with them. But we sometimes do not agree on some things,” St-Pierre said.

Even when he was away from the sport, St-Pierre maintained a strict physical condition as he continued to train with his teammates and now that St-Pierre and the UFC have taken one step forward with the negotiations, it will not be long for White to announce who he will take on inside the Octagon that will be a sweet music to hear for fight fans as well.

Photo Courtesy: Ryan Mallard/Flickr

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