UFC Rumor: Mark Hunt to take on Junior dos Santos in UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden?

Samoan Mark Hunt wants to make a big splash at things as he is rumored to take on Junior dos Santos at UFC 205 at the Madison Square Garden.

As the UFC prepares for its debut at the Madison Square Garden, Samoan Mark Hunt wants to make a big splash at things as he is rumored to take on Junior dos Santos at UFC 205, which is also rumored to pit former women’s bantamweight champ Ronda Rousey taking on Cris Cyborg.

The 42-year old “Super Samoan,” as reported by the Herald Sun is set to travel to the United States hoping to book the fight for UFC 200 but it is still not clear if the UFC will book the fight but speculations are pointing at UFC 205 for the two meet in the heavyweight division. Hunt stated that he is just keeping himself in shape just in case he gets a call from UFC president Dana White regarding updates for his fight.

“I’m still waiting on the word but it should be not far away at all. I can’t tell you much more. I was talking to Dana the other day but that’s all I know. Maybe is all I can say. I was trying to get on the New York card (UFC 205 at Madison Square Garden), but we’ll see what happens,” Hunt said.

Hunt is seeking redemption after losing to dos Santos back in UFC 160 and hopes to avenge his lost wherein both fighters were given Fight of the Night honors and was considering this to be the best fight in the history of the UFC heavyweight division. In that fight, Hunt came as a replacement to an injured Alistair Overeem.

Hunt added that he will set up camp in the States to keep him close to White just in case the fight gets final.

“Not knowing whether there’s a fight or not … it’s just one of those things where I have to keep training. I’ll probably set up camp in America, have two weeks sparring and Bob’s your uncle. I’m just the fill-in guy at the moment. I’ve asked for all of them… I’ve asked the boss and I’m just waiting on a reply … that’s all,” Hunt added.

With just six more fight left in his contract, Hunt just wants to make all of the fights count especially a title shot that would be a big booster to his career in the mixed martial arts world before retiring. He believes that he still has some fighting left inside him, which is his greatest motivation going into the rematch with dos Santos.

Photo Courtesy: The Wifechaser/Wikimedia

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