UFC Rumors: Anderson Silva leaving UFC: Former champ ‘unhappy’ with treatment of fighters

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Anderson Silva to quit UFC
Anderson Silva to quit UFC

The UFC may have to revisit how they treat their fighters, as this time, it is former middleweight champion Anderson Silva who is expressing disdain for the fight promotion company’s “lack of respect towards Brazilian athletes.” The sentiment stems from what Silva feels has been the absence of gratitude after stepping in willingly and without hesitation for Jon Jones in a non-title match against light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier.

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“Man, it’s complicated to talk about it, I didn’t even get a ‘thank you’ from Dana or Lorenzo after my last fight,” shared the Spider with Brazilian outlet UOL Esporte. “I was the one who wanted to fight, of course, I took the fight, but I know what I’m worth, my importance. I was really disappointed with the lack of respect from the UFC towards Brazilian athletes. I’m an athlete who took the sport to another level. I don’t get the respect from people. That made me really upset, sad and disappointed with the UFC.”

After losing to Cormier, Silva claimed that he was also told to be on standby for the main card of UFC 204. Again, it seemed like the UFC was just making him play second fiddle for middleweight champ Michael Bisping or Dan Henderson ahead of the recently held title bout.

And obviously, it did not sit well with the Spider, especially since the message was simply passed through his representatives, receiving no direct word from the UFC itself.

“I didn’t talk to them or anyone after my last fight. They even offered me to stay in standby in case something happened with Bisping or Henderson. But it’s more absurd how that (offer) came, They didn’t even talk to me,” Anderson Silva shared. My representatives came as a messenger pigeon. I’m not the type of guy to get messages. After everything I’ve done, I still have to stand by and wait for a fight I won? I found it a little unpleasant.”

Anderson Silva to leave UFC?

And with the recent spate of fighters complaining about (and even leaving) the UFC, could this forebode a departure from the Spider?

Another fellow Brazilian fighter, interim featherweight champion Jose Aldo, has also been mulling his departure from the UFC, after voicing his disappointment in how the company has been handling his division and Conor McGregor.

“I see I can’t trust any word from president Dana White, and who’s in charge of the promotion now is Conor McGregor,” Aldo told MMA Fighting. “Since I’m not here to be an employee of McGregor, today I ask to cancel my contract with the UFC.”

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And if the UFC does not do anything about it soon, they may find themselves losing more and more of their best fighters-whether from the past, present or the near future.

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