UFC Rumors: Conor McGregor vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. superfight set to happen on May 2017

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McGregor vs. Mayweather (Photo Courtesy: @TheNotoriousMMA/Twitter)

The rumored super fight between the UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor and retired boxing champion Floyd Mayweather Jr. are still continuing to swirl in the boxing and MMA world and various information regarding the date of the fight are spreading in different sports websites.

According to Daily Star, Jalen Rose of ESPN Radio Show Jalen and Jacoby stated that the super fight between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr. is bound to happen in May 2017. Though there is no confirmation with this claim, there were reports saying that Rose has been the first person to reveal about the previous fight of Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr.

“The Floyd and Conor McGregor fight is going to happen,” he said during the latest installment of his ESPN Radio show Jalen and Jacoby.

“Floyd and McGregor will probably announce (the fight) in a month. It will be in May, the same weekend in the Kentucky Derby in 2017.

“It’s just a lot of moving parts. You’ve just got to understand that the network has to be in and Dana White (UFC president) has to sign off.

“Basically, what they’ll do is that he’ll get the same percentage that he would get if Conor was fighting on a UFC card. So, that’s how you eliminate any gray area with that.

“Floyd and the network will get their situation together. I’ve already booked my room in Vegas for the first weekend in May for this fight in 2017. It’ll be at the MGM.

“But, there’s an Asterix. There’s a new venue coming in Vegas that they may unveil this fight there. If it doesn’t happen at that venue it’ll happen at the MGM.”

“It’s going to happen. The only way it doesn’t happen is if the combatants and or the business changes moving forward. But as of now, all signs lead to this happening.”

According to a previous report, Conor McGregor wanted to have the same paycheck with Mayweather when the super fight happens. McGregor insisted that he will not be taking pay cuts and money is the main reason why he wants to fight in the boxing ring. However, it seems like Mayweather agrees with his demand in order for the fight to be scheduled soon.

UFC president Dana White tried to stop the rumors by arranging the rematch between Conor McGregor and Nate Diaz. However, his conversation with Nate Diaz did not go well and there is a lesser chance that the fight will be happening soon.

If McGregor is really determined to fight Mayweather, he should undergo an intense boxing training in order to avoid future embarrassment when he enters the boxing ring. He should keep in mind that MMA is a very different fighting sports from boxing as it would take a lot of stamina and boxing skills in order to beat an undefeated boxing champion.

Photo courtesy: @TheNotoriousMMA/Twitter

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