UFC Rumors: Georges St-Pierre says he is ready for UFC 206; Hits back at Dana White

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Georges St-Pierre says he is ready for UFC 206? Fires back at Dana White
Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has officially confirmed that he is ready to fight inside the Octagon at UFC 206.

Former UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre has officially confirmed that he is ready to fight inside the Octagon at UFC 206. St-Pierre also lashed out at UFC president Dana White saying that he does not know who St-Pierre really is and that he is all talk.

TMZ managed to get hold of St-Pierre at the premier of the movie “Kickboxer: Vengeance” in Westwood Wednesday night. St-Pierre is part of the cast in the movie playing the role of a fighter named Kavi. In the interview, St-Pierre stated that he wants to fight badly at UFC 206 which will take place on at the Air Canada Center on Dec. 10.

“I wanna be [at UFC 206], but it’s not my decision,” St-Pierre said … “I’m a phone call away.”

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But the Canadian-born fighter added that it is not his call deciding on the matter. He added that the UFC knows his terms and condition to make the fight happen against anybody from Tyron Woodley to Nick Diaz.

St-Pierre added that as part of his preparations for UFC 206 he is already down to his training that includes sparring. He also stressed that he has turned down other offers outside of the UFC just be on track with his training. also reports that St-Pierre explained that for the fight to happen, the UFC has to talk with his agent. He also noted that he will lose money because of the sponsorship limits set by Reebok. St-Pierre hopes that it could also be discussed if the UFC wishes to negotiate a fight with him.

“If you see it from my perspective, I’m making a lot of money now even though I’m not fighting,” St. Pierre said. “My contract was before the Reebok deal. And if I go back and fight I cannot advertise my sponsors. So I’m losing money due to the old terms of my contract. I’m just waiting to see what’s going to happen.”

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Aside from his much-anticipated comeback, St-Pierre also lashed out at UFC president Dana White. The UFC honcho recently stated that he questions St-Pierre’s sincerity in coming back inside the Octagon. White stressed that St-Pierre lost the hunger to fight and lost the attitude of a champion.

“He doesn’t know anything about me,” St. Pierre said in response to White’s comments. “I’m not the kind of guy you’re going to say that [about], and OK I’m going to sign right here. But I’m going to tell him something, to Dana, let me fight once and you’ll see in the first minute of the fight that what you just said is wrong.”

Before his supposed retirement in 2013, St-Pierre holds a 12-fight winning streak. After retaining his welterweight crown, St-Pierre vacated it and took an indefinite leave of absence. Now, he wants to prove to the world that he is still the same fighter who dominated his opponents three years ago.

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