UFC Rumors: GSP confirms Octagon comeback being negotiated

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GSP (Photo courtesy: Ryan Mallard/Wikimedia Commons)

Georges St-Pierre, one of the most popular fighters in mixed martial arts and UFC, has confirmed that there are “negotiations” for his possible comeback to UFC.

“I’m in good terms with the UFC. We’re talking, everything is possible but I don’t know right now. I can’t tell you everything,” St-Pierre, or also popularly known as GSP, said in an interview during an NBA game between the Toronto Raptors and Philadelphia 76ers earlier this week.

In the same interview, GSP was also asked how he likes basketball as a sport and confessed that he played basketball in high school but thought that MMA was just the better choice when he chose a career in sports.

GSP was most likely rooting for the Raptors as the UFC great was born in Saint-Isidore, Québec, Canada and resides in Montreal. The 34-year-old Canadian was pressed about his possible UFC comeback and he appeared confident that such is possible as both sides continue to talk, as admitted by GSP.

For his career in the MMA, “Rush” has a record of 25 wins, 2 losses with 8 knockouts and 5 submissions. GSP is known for his well-rounding game on the Octagon but has not fought since 2013 when he beat Johny Hendricks via a five rounds split decision and Nick Diaz via another five-rounder, unanimous decision.

Watch GSP’s comments of his possible UFC comeback below:

Despite the long layoff, GSP is considered one of the the fighters that can still command a good crown in any UFC event due to his popularity. He has reportedly continued training and working out with other MMA fighters even as UFC rumors of a GSP comeback has circulated in the past months.

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