UFC Rumors: Jose Aldo will no longer fight in UFC, champ in discussions with Dana White

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Jose Aldo leaving UFC
Jose Aldo leaving UFC

Last Wednesday, UFC interim featherweight champion Jose Aldo met with UFC president Dana White to talk about the future- his future in the Octagon, his future as champ and his future with the fight promotion company.

Off the bat, Aldo made it clear that he had no intentions of taking the discussion about his contact to court, which he initially planned on doing just a few months back.

“I didn’t come here just wanting to cancel my contract,” Aldo shared with media. “I came here because I had a lot on my chest that I wanted to say. And that’s what was done. I will follow my own path and UFC will follow theirs. Time will tell what the future holds.”

But these plans may also include some time off (maybe even permanent time off) from the Octagon, as Junior openly mentioned about stepping off the mats, indefinitely.

“I came here from Brazil already with ideas firmly fixed in my head. My current intention is to no longer fight,” elaborated the champ. “That hasn’t changed. That’s how I felt when I left Brazil and that’s how I feel today.”

Aldo’s “feelings” all stem from the UFC’s decision to have featherweight champion Conor McGregor fight lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez at UFC 205, holding up the title run for the entire featherweight division.

Which is why Aldo’s coach, Andre Pederneiras also made it clear that his fighter no longer has any intentions of fighting in the UFC.

“We don’t believe anything anymore, and Aldo’s decision was ‘I’m not fighting anymore,’” Aldo’s coach clarified in September. “(He said), ‘I no longer have the motivation to fight for the UFC. And to go in there without motivation – I don’t want to lose because of that. So I’d rather get out.’”

Hopefully, though, things will have a turn for the better, as Jose Aldo shared that his discussion with White and the rest of the UFC management seemed to be the beginning of a “great” conversation.

“We talked with ‘Dede’ and my family. These are things that pertain to me, and that’s a conversation that we had in there. It stays between us,” stated Aldo. “I think the fans and media need to know this was a first conversation, and I can only thank Dana and everyone in the UFC because the conversation was great.”

Photo Courtesy: Andrius Petrucenia/ Flickr

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