UFC Rumors: Randy Orton vs Connor McGregor; WWE star trolls UFC champ’s Twitter

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Randy Orton vs Conor McGregor?
Randy Orton vs Conor McGregor?

Ever since CM Punk’s disastrous MMA debut at UFC 203, rumors of non-UFC fighters wanting to (re)join the fray have begun sprouting online. From a recent Olympic wrestling winner, to the supposed comeback of Georges St-Pierre, it has been a mixed bag of prospective talent. Another notable WWE wrestler who’s becoming more vocal about the UFC is Randy Orton.

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Orton, who was recently pulled out of his WWE Backlash match against Bray Wyatt, has reportedly been trolling UFC featherweight champion Conor McGregor on Twitter, possibly in retaliation for the MMA fighter’s recent comments about the WWE.

“For the most part, those WWE guys are [expletive]. To be honest, they’re messed up [expletive] if you ask me,” said McGregor last month during his pre-UFC 202 conference call.

He later made the claim that he will “slap the head off” the WWE roster.

Since then, some wrestlers have responded, with obvious hostility, to the UFC champ’s comments. One of them was Roman Reigns who claimed that Mcgregor is “the size of my leg” and to just “shut up.” Another retired WWE star weighed in on the Notorious’ claim.

“Why don’t you get your head out Dana White’s ass,” said former WWE champ Kurt Angle.

Randy Orton vs. Conor McGregor?

Recently, Randy Orton also joined in on the McGregor attack, at first reacting to the CM Punk fight against Mickey Gall.

“He’s got bigger balls than most,” said Orton in his Tweet which can be seen below, further elaborating by explaining “Like and respect are two different things. I admire him (Punk) for having the courage to fight a more experienced fighter (Gall).”

He then seemed to call out Conor McGregor after another Tweet asked the wrestler “would you ever try UFC?”

To which he answered with the following Tweets.

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So are we going to witness yet another WWE star try his luck in MMA? Probably not, since Randy Orton still has Brock Lesnar to go through (if he’s healthy).

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