UFC Rumors: Ronda Rousey too distracted for successful MMA comeback; Life outside MMA

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Ronda Rousey won twelve straight MMA fights before losing a lopsided match against Holly Holm in UFC 193 last year. She was so dominant that eleven of those matches didn’t get past the first round, and the only opponent who did, Miesha Tate, lost to her twice.

Ronda Rousey submitted Miesha Tate via arm bar in the third round. At the post-fight, she admitted not having enough strength to end it early, as is usually expected of her. Prior to the match, she admitted not having devoted herself enough to training because of her many commitments outside the fight game, which has caused her to lose some muscle.

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Ronda Rousey’s activities outside the Octagon are well known to fans. It comes to a point, in fact, where her MMA career is more of like a springboard instead, for bigger things, and to explore new career directions.

She may still be one of the best fighters in the world today, but her marketability is drawing her elsewhere.

She’s modeled for ESPN’s Body Issue, Maxim, Sports Illustrated, MetroPCS and Buffalo David Bitton. Apart from her modeling appointments, she has endorsement deals with Reebok and Monster.

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She is regularly invited to talk shows and interviews. She’s guested in the Entourage, and has a budding acting career in Hollywood.

In short, Ronda Rousey has a lot of things going for her outside MMA that it could eventually root her out of it.

Many felt Rousey was not at her best when she fought Holly Holm.

Despite People’s report on her killer workout, MMA experts wonder if she’s fully committed to fight again, and, if so, for how long?

Tony Jeffries, her ex-training partner told the Daily Star last week that he predicts Ronda Rousey losing to Miesha Tate if they fought for the third time due to her many distractions.

Now, Jeffries has gone a step further saying a comeback fight isn’t even a foregone conclusion.

“I trained Ronda before she came to the gym and I done a session with her and I put her on the mitts and done a boxing session with her, she’s a nice girl. But as for her coming back, I don’t know. I think (Conor) McGregor will come back and I think (Fabricio) Werdum will come back. But with Ronda, it’s a tough one,” Jeffries tells the Daily Star. “She’s got a life outside of fighting.”

There are rumors of Ronda Rousey vs Amanda Nunes, a trilogy with Miesha Tate, or a rematch with Holly Holm.

There’s so much in store for Ronda Rousey, and that may just be the clue to the puzzle. There’s simply too much out there for her to focus on one thing.

Photo Courtesy: Randall Chancellor/Flickr Creative Commons

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