UFC Rumors: Ronda Rousey will always get the first shot at Amanda Nunes’ title; Rousey vs. Nunes UFC’s next biggest superfight

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It’s been months since mixed-martial-art (MMA) fighter Ronda Rousey lost the UFC women’s bantamweight title, which has changed hands three times. First Holly Holm took the title from Rousey, then Meisha Tate beat Holm and took the title and just last weekend at UFC 200, Amanda Nunes took it from Meisha Tate.

The 28-year-old Amanda Nunes is the latest to hold the UFC women’s bantamweight title. The bantamweight division has been in a constant state of flux and evolution since Rousey’s humiliating defeat to Holly Holm last year, with the title changing hands three times in the just 300 days. It’s’ a highly competitive division with a bunch of  highly competitive fighters, all fighting for one thing- the UFC women bantamweight title. This is competition at its extreme.

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Rumors are swirling around the UFC circle that Rousey is angling for a strong comeback in the UFC. Could Rousey be the one to take the title from Nunes? That’s the latest question right now and everyone is looking for it.

UFC president Dana White already said he would like to see that fight this year or maybe early next year. Unfortunately, Rousey has to make that decision.

If Rousey’s ongoing sabbatical continues this year, Holly Holm will probably get her chance of a title shot against Nunes. As for Meisha Tate, she will probably get an 185-day medical suspension due to a broken nose.

There are actually good signs Rousey may finally make her return to the UFC ring. Nunes, like Holly Holm, is an expert striker, as she proved when she beat Miesha Tate at UFC 200. Beating Nunes is also Rousey’s best chance to redeem herself and eventually make a strong comeback in the ring.

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Not only would beating Nunes allow Rousey to take her title back, it would also give her an opportunity to show that she can beat an excellent striker and knockout specialist.

For Rousey it’s not just about the title she lost seven months ago, it goes much deeper. It’s about Rousey overcoming the bad memories of her past and making a strong comeback in the ring.

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